Start the New Year with a Bang?

I know, I know , we only just got the ‘1 month to go’ chat from the media. However, at this time of year, I find clients are really thinking about relationships.

Whether you’re having sex with men at the moment, or not. If you’re in a relationship, or not. This group might be of interest to you.

It also happens to be free, so could save you a stack on therapy costs! Or help you think about if you’d like to commit to 1:1 therapy in this niche area.

It’s psycho – educational. So the facilitators combine a bit of counselling with some coaching and teaching. The idea is that it increases your awareness about what you do and do not want in relationships and what you can maximise your chances of getting that.

I’m one of the facilitators of the group, and a new one starts in January 2014.

Justin in the Groupwork Team of THT can tell you a bit more.

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