Relationship therapy

Whatever stage you are at in your relationship things may not be as you want them to be.

You may be single and not able to get into or maintain a relationship. You may be trying to figure out if your current relationship is giving you what you want and if you should leave. You may be part of a relationship and want to figure out why things have changed between you over the years – whether you are recently together, or you’re at your ruby anniversary. I help you look at common pressure points in your relationship and why you both may respond in the way you do, to help you have deeper understanding of yourself, and your partner, aswell as coach you to communicate in a different way going forward.

Please be aware that if this is part of marriage counselling, I will not provide court reports as part of a mediation process.

Common Presenting Symptoms or Issues in Relationship Therapy

For many couples the following may not mean anything bad for your relationship, but if you are struggling then I may be able to help facilitate some space to communicate, or provide a different perspective on things, or why it might be going on.

  • Negotiating Monogamy / Polyamory
  • Affairs (Whether agreed or not)
  • Relationships post newborns
  • Recent medical diagnosis
  • Life stage changes
  • Relationship history and repeating patterns
  • Just not getting on as well as we did
  • Sexual Focus – things may just not be as you’d both like them to be.