The Service

Pyschosexual counselling, sex therapy, couple counselling, relationship therapy in London with Clare Staunton. Reducing Anxiety around sex, dating, intimacy and relationships.

IMG_0510Everyone’s meant to have conflict-free relationships, be happy with intimacy, and have an orgasmic sex life. Aren’t they? Not all of us do. Not all of us are worried by it, but if you’re looking at this website – I imagine you’re not having the sort of sex or relationships you’d like. Although admitting this can be tough, you are not the only one.

Just doing an internet search to find a sex or relationship counsellor can be daunting. If your sex life is not as you’d like it, or your relationship is in limbo, a sex or relationship therapist might be able to help.

We all have different sexual appetites or desires for a relationship.  You might already know what these are, you might know what they are but haven’t figured out how to make them happen yet – or you may have no idea what you want at all. Whichever stage you’re at, our work together will aim to unlock further understanding and help you have fuller relationships.

Book a session with an accredited COSRT psychosexual counsellor

If you would like to book a session or know more you can reach Clare Staunton at or call me on 07903 681 853 (please call from an unblocked number). If it is difficult to do those now, please feel free to text me a good time to try and call you back. Let’s start the conversation.

What you might talk about or other FAQs


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