To contact Clare Staunton please call, email or text. Please let me know if you have any access needs when you first get in touch.

07903 681853 (Please use an unblocked number if you call) or TEXT me a good time to try and call you, if you’re unable to call or email at the moment. clare @ (With no spaces – just fooling spambots!) If emailing about couple therapy, please ‘cc’ a partner in so communication is open from the beginning of the conversation.

If for any reason I do not respond quickly, it is likely to mean I am with a client. I will call you back as soon as I can.

Close the Junction of Fulham Palace Road and Lillie Road

COVID 19 UPDATE – My Clinic is currently open, but all sessions are online for the moment.

A note about getting in touch for the first time – If you send me a text or call and leave a voicemail: I usually respond to texts within 48 hours from Monday to Friday unless I am away on professional development or holiday. If I am away, you will not receive any response until I get back to work. If you don’t receive a response, please send me an e-mail (where you will receive an OOO).

Privacy & Data: The law has recently changed. By contacting me, via any means,  you are ‘opting in‘ regarding giving me your permission to be in contact with you and leave message on voicemails, email and text. I will hold all personal data responsibility and in strictest confidence. I will never knowingly share your data with any other parties, unless further express permission is given as part of our ongoing client agreement.