My experience in the field.

Hello again. Clare here. I’m guesssing that you are hoping that I know what I am doing in this field as a specialist? Well, this is the subject area I have been working in for a number of years, even before I chose to start my practice. From an early age I was curious about people, relationships and sex. In reality, what I find happens in the therapy room is an exploration and encouragement for you to find pleasure and consent in relationship with yourself and others.  What I am not the specialist in, is you. So between us I hope we might be able to be ‘in relationship’ to get you where you want to be. Reminder – this is not through sexual touch in the room!


Aside from specific sex and relationship qualifications, I ensure I continuously learn and develop my knowledge, and pass on where it might be helpful for you. This might being aware of a new peer support, podcast, medication or TED talk, through to longer trainings. I have tried to deep dive in trainings for my specialist areas that can affect sex and relationships. These include, relationship & couples dynamics, attachment,  trauma (looking at vegus nerve, physiology and chronic illness or stuckness), boarding school surivial syndrome, multiple Pink Therapy trainings (GSRD – Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity. This includes bisexuality, consensual non-monogomy, intersectionality, kink).  I’ve worked in sexual health for a number of years, in both the NHS and charities. This has included Chelsea and Westminster Trust; The Havens, Paddington; Living WellTerence Higgins Trust, Breast Cancer Care, Aurora Foundation and Dimbleby Cancer Care.

Who do I hang out with professionally?

Aside from being an accredited member of COSRT, I also work within a few groups of specialists.

I’m a member of The London Gender Sexual and Relationship Practice  – a GSRD friendly group practice. I am open to working with sex workers without pathologising you. I am listed on Pink Therapy. I do not collude to the 12 step model around sex addiction. I am developing more connections with other embodied practitioners – with an interest in body psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, Hakomi therapy, those working with vegus neve activation at the heart to their work. I am keen to network with practitioners who do this , specifically in the field of sex. Please get in touch.

Accreditation, Privacy and Monitoring

Whilst working with clients I follow the guidelines of COSRT, the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy. I am an accredited member and am governed by their code of ethics and complaints procedure – which includes strict guidelines about data protection, confidentiality and supervision. I hope this sets your mind at rest that this is a professional service operating within strict industry guidelines. Please see their website for more details.