What to expect

What to expect from a sex therapy or relationship counselling session?

I offer my clients a relaxing space where they can talk as much or as little as they like. Sex and relationship difficulties are more common than you might think. My approach is designed to encourage a dialogue. We may look at recent events or past relationships, new couple communication techniques or feeding back on any exercises I may have given you to try at home.

How Long Is a Session of Sex Therapy or Relationship Therapy?

Each counselling session lasts  either 50 minutes or 75 minutes. We will have an initial session before both of us agree to work together. Most people work weekly, but the total number of sessions can vary. There’s no definitive answer to that one, but we will make a decision as to whether this is a short term or longer term work after your initial session and we will review with you as we progress.

Do You Work With Singles or People in a Relationship?
Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can attend on your own. However, if you are in a relationship it can be valuable to attend together, even if you feel only one of you is ‘the problem’. My fee is based on time, therefore the cost is the same whether I see you as a couple or as an individual. I am open to working with people who are in triads – these sessions may need to be longer.

Will I have to Take My Clothes Off During Sex Therapy?
No. Any ‘practical’ explorations take place outside of our time together.

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